Acne: Light Therapy May Cure Acne

    light therapy

    Acne can be cured by a simple light therapy treatment, first developed to iron out wrinkles, as demonstrated a study carried out in a London hospital. The Hammersmith Hospital in West London tested Low-Level Laser Therapy normally utilized in private beauty salons on 30 patients who were suffering mild to moderate eczema.

    At a span of 12 months their acne had halved. Meanwhile, those on a dummy therapy showed no improvement. Findings demonstrate that people who have the most acute symptoms demonstrated the most astonishing advancement, largely within the first month of therapy. Under specialists decisions, this can be significantly faster than many traditional antibiotic therapies, which may take as long as eight weeks to do the job.

    The analysis demonstrated that one five-minute session might have a dramatic impact on acne for up to 12 weeks. Physicians employed a remedy known as pulse dye laser treatment where the affected region is exposed to short bursts of light. The procedure was used to fight wrinkles since it’s known to trigger the production of collagen.

    Tony Chu, the dermatologist that headed the trial, explained that “we had been brought in to determine if the anecdotal signs worked at a clinical trial and we discovered it had been quite profitable. But, we still don’t know just how it works and that’s a place we’re currently working on.”

    Holistic Answers to Acne Questions

    The specialist said that the therapy is apparently showing the identical sort of efficiency as antibiotics, but without the possible side effects. “What we will need to do today is to see whether it works also on acne across different areas of the human body, and also work out the remedy that is most clinically effective”, stated.


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