Korean Inspired on How they make their Faces Appear Thinner


Check out what accessories Korean celebrities use to create their faces seem thinner! Try these tips!

1. Bold Earrings

Chandelier-like earrings make it hard to tell if the earrings are large or whether the wearer’s face is small!

These bold earrings attract the attention into the jawline of whoever is wearing them, giving the appearance of a sharper jawline.

2. Long Dangling Earrings

Super extended”drop earrings” make a round face appear longer and slimmer.

These long earrings will help narrow down faces with brief jaws and protruding cheekbones. They’re also super pretty and delicate. Even boy band members are sporting these earrings to make their sharp jawlines more defined!

3. Hair Accessories

Ensure you don’t cover your jawline with your baby hairs — you may wind up creating your face look more substantial. Show off your forehead and cheekbones proudly! A hairband will also aid the wearer to seem young and fresh!

4. Sunglasses

Over-sized sunglasses are very in this summer! Use a set to make your face look smaller in comparison. Cat-eye and round shades are the selection of Korean celebrities!

Individuals with round faces usually pick angled frames, and people that have sharp angled jawlines should select round sunglasses. This is the way you trick the eye to seeing a thinner face form!

5. Bucket Hat

It is a blast from the past! This accessory had enormous popularity in the ’90s, and it’s back. The more full the brim of the hat, the smaller your face looks. Those with longer faces should look to a coat with a smaller brim or possibly a fedora.

Bucket hats with specific designs on the brim can also help to make a face appear more prominent.

A darker colour can likewise have thinning effects!

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